Locals flock to gas and fast food coming back to Savannah

Locals flock to gas and fast food coming back to Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - After a natural disaster like Hurricane Matthew, it's funny how the most routine places can actually become your best friends.

On a night like tonight in Savannah, the busiest and most popular places: Bojangles and Burger King off of DeRenne Ave.

These people rushing to get fast food just before curfew hits at 10 p.m. in Chatham County. If you can also take a look just across the street, that is the Marathon Station. People waiting to fill up.

A lot of people advising, if you know someone who as evacuated and coming back into town, try and get that tank of gas filled 30 even 40 miles before you reach the Savannah city limits, you'll be waiting a lot less time.

Another business that has stepped up is Planet Fitness. Their location off Waters offering hot coffee, bagels and hot showers to those in need.
They say I feel amazing, I'm so happy I have the showers thank you. So were just giving out what we can," said Shalena Borom, with Planet Fitness.

We actually did notice at Planet Fitness's other location on Highway 17 they seem to be using that as a bit of a staging area for many power trucks in the Texas area that are here to help turn your lights back on.

Savannah is slowly coming back to life after Hurricane Matthew, filling up on gas and people taking to the streets in the oddest of places.

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