Evacuees arrive back In Savannah

Evacuees arrive back In Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - These are the buses that came in from Augusta, as you see Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach is here to greet some of the people as they come back from Augusta.

For those that cannot get back into their homes, they will be spending the night at the Trade and Convention Center. Some are fortunate enough to get back into their home.

As with any situation like this, it is fluid, always changing.  There was a little confusion earlier Monday as some thought they would be taken back over to the Savannah Civic Center, thinking it was another shelter. It is

Now, they are labeling individual buses and trying to take people closer to their homes.

We've seen the trees down, and the standing water, but this really puts a face on what exactly some people are going through. Sure, they are getting cots, blankets, water and other essentials, but sometimes what they really need is a friendly face to greet them.

"How do you feel when someone hugs you? That's what the Red Cross is here to do. We're here to wrap the arms of a community-wide group and support group, around people who have lost hope. Plenty of these people have been in the shelters for the last days, they've lost connection, they feel as though the world has abandoned them," said Red Cross Director Kay Wilkins.

So once again, this is where the busses are coming in with probably 20 more busses coming back in before they get everyone back, whether they are staying here, or headed back across the river.

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