Sandfly veteran gets helping hand from heroes after tree damage

Sandfly Veteran gets helping hand from heroes after tree damage


We have seen so much devastation from Hurricane Matthew, which would have done so much more if it was a direct hit.

Families are dealing with the aftermath, insurance, loss of power, trees on their property. One family, their home was crushed, but their spirits were lifted with a few random acts of kindness.

When you talk about a hurricane survivor, this is it. A tent in the front yard, because the tree in the corner fell over in the storm, taking out the front part of their home and landing all the way across in the neighbor’s yard. It almost took out their car, but the neighborhood is a wreck.

That was until the cavalry showed up to give Christal Vincent, Abel Martinez and Christal's three young children a big, neighborly hand. This is how they found their home after evacuating and calls to the insurance company, and trying to find a tree removal service, added to Vincent's nerves.

Monday afternoon neighbors started helping them pick up the pieces - and not too long after - National Guardsmen from the 178th MP National Guard Unit and Savannah Firefighters were honing in until nightfall removing branches, cutting the tree as far as they could and removing the debris to clean up Doe Tail Court's circle and Vincent’s home.

“Reminds me why I joined the service and why I always tried to help people, because there are good people out there willing to do the same for you,” said Vincent. “It's been a really rough year, and I don’t ever ask anyone for help but it was really amazing to see a community filled with love can come together in your time of need, even if you don’t want to ask for it.”

The kids are with the family, while mom tries to sort out the insurance situation. The tent is where they will be until then.

Abel and Crystal were able to shower. They still have hot water.

Another good thing: The YMCA of the Coastal Empire is offering free showers to anyone, even non-members, who have been victims of Hurricane Matthew.

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