Neighbors helping neighbors recover after Hurricane Matthew in Brooklet

Bulloch Co. contractor helping neighbors recover free of charge

BROOKLET, GA (WTOC) - It would take the average homeowner days to get this tree cut apart, and it's not something you could just throw in your truck to haul away.

But a local company with a history of helping out in storm aftermath is lending a hand.

Ellis Wood has carried heavy equipment to tornado victims across Georgia. This week, he's cutting and clearing fallen trees for people in Brooklet.

County crews have focused on clearing streets and roads. But Wood and his team tackle yards and driveways. That also helps utility companies get back in to run wires and get people back on line.

Woods and his team haven't asked homeowners for a dime.

"I came here from Florida and I'm used to guys riding around with chainsaws on their tailgates and fleecing you for everything. But Mr. Wood and his people came in - no questions asked - and they're a blessing and a Godsend," said Fred David, the homeowner.

Wood says he'll keep helping here in Brooklet, Bulloch County and beyond.

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