Ellabell residents dealing with power outages post Hurricane Matthew

Ellabell residents dealing with power outages post Hurricane Matthew

BRYAN CO., GA (WTOC) - In Black Creek and Ellabell, folks are doing what they can to get by until power returns.

Bob Cooch says his RV usually serves as a home away from home. But it's been his family's home at home since Hurricane Matthew plunged his neighborhood into darkness.

"(Lost power) a little bit after seven o'clock Friday night," said Cooch.

He's made the trip back and forth to gas stations to get fuel to run the generator. Meanwhile, crews from his power company, Canoochee EMC, and others work on lines to get the power grid running again. Canoochee's CEO told WTOC the problem went all the way back down the line.

"Three substations were down. If you don't have power coming from the substations, you're not getting power anywhere. Power has to come from the substations to the distribution lines," said Canoochee EMC CEO Lou Ann Phillips.

She says they've gone from 90 percent of members out of power down to 22 percent. Cooch appreciates the crews' work.

"It's pretty obvious the lines are down all along 280 and they're working. They get to us when they get to us," said Cooch.

He says they'll just stay put and wait for the power to get turned on again.

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