Double the pain on Tappen Zee Drive

Double the pain on Tappen Zee Drive

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - The road to recovery is lined with personal possessions on Tappen Zee Drive, and obscured by uncertainty for the people who live there.

"You've got so many people out here who are stuck," said Tappen Zee Drive resident Demetris McPherson. "And I mean stuck like stuck, like what are we going to do next?"

The water rose so high on Tappen Zee during Hurricane Matthew that several residents had to be rescued by canoe.

And days later, it hasn't gotten much better on this street in the Bridgewater subdivision, a street that is not zoned as a flood area, although a dozen homes there were flooded.

"I came home last night to 15 inches of water," said Darin Sehnert, whose Tappen Zee Drive home was damaged by water. "Now we are ripping the carpet, everything has to come out, including many pieces of furniture."

"The antiques, the family heirlooms, you can't put a price on that," added neighbor Arnold Poundstone. "The only thing you can do is put tears on it."

And residents are concerned they might not get relief for it, either.

They all said they were told they didn't have to buy flood insurance. Several already were told today their homeowner's policy would not cover their losses.

"For Country Insurance to say they're not going to cover you, thanks for all your premium money over the years, we're leaving you wet and not dry," said Paul Meuller. "That's sad."

What's sadder Paul Meuller says, is the situation could have been avoided.

The retired nautical engineer says he has been complaining to the City of Pooler for years about what he considers insufficient drainage for a canal that runs behind Tappen Zee Drive where three pipes could not handle the rush of water during Matthew.

"I've pounded desks," said Mueller. "I've been ridiculed and talked down to because it's not their house. They don't live here and they worry about a budget."

"Three pipes, 36 inches in diameter going underneath there," added Poundstone, "just wasn't adequate enough to flow."

And now people on Tappen Zee Drive are looking for adequate relief to a situation they were told not to expect.

"If it would have burned when the power came back on, I would be good," said Sehnert. "I was secretly hoping that would be the case because homeowners would have covered it. But I guess I wasn't so lucky."

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