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Jasper County residents still without power, hot water

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Life starting to return to some sense of normalcy in Jasper County for many people, but definitely not for everyone at this point.

This disaster relief truck from the American Red Cross is a welcome sight for these residents—left in the dark—some going days without a hot meal.

"A lot of us are without power.  A lot of us are without water because a lot of us we run on well water, so with no power we have no running water.  Nowhere to take hot showers.  And this is the first help that Jasper County has received,” said Jennifer Nicholas.

For some, frustration is starting to grow.

"We are all just waiting around trying to find out things and funds are getting real short now,” said Angela Lively.

In town the power is back on for the most part—and businesses are back open.  Things look a lot different than they did according to Justin Locke, who brought a load of much-needed generators down from upstate.

"It was like a major disaster. It was flooded. Power was out. You couldn't get any gas,” said Justin Locke.

While that situation has improved, there are still plenty of signs that Matthew was here. From washed out Highway 17 to the downed power lines that are keeping many people in the dark.

"We came back Monday morning without electricity,” said Latrelle Chavis.

Chavis and her family were making the best of the situation, enjoying a cookout and campfire.

"Everything was going bad so we just got together and put everything on the grill, making something out of nothing, know what I'm saying,” David Jones said.

"It's a lot of family time, so we are making the best of it,” said Chavis.

While power crews continue to work in Jasper County, some residents are being told that it could be this weekend before the lights finally come back on.

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