Thousands make insurance claims in Savannah

Thousands make insurance claims in Savannah

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Thousands of folks across the Coastal Empire are now filing storm damage claims through their insurance company.

In fact, Georgia's Insurance Commissioner was in town Wednesday making sure insurance companies are taking care of their customers.

State Farm have set up at the Lowes on Abercorn Street, where you can just drive in and have an adjuster start assessing the damage to your automobile.

Georgia's Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens was in the meeting with CEMA and other local officials. He also stopped by the Allstate command center at the Home Depot on Victory Drive. Officials say this is where folks – who have Allstate insurance -- can start making their claims.

Hudgens says depending on what kind of insurance and coverage you have, he expects folks to run into issues when it comes to wind damage.

"There is a wind exclusion a lot of times on policies, but it's what you purchase. You determine what kind of deductible you're going to have, you can have a $250, $500, $1,000 deductible – you choose that when you decide on your insurance. But a lot of times there is wind exclusion," said Hudgens.

State Farm agents, like many insurance companies, have folks out in the field.

We found an Allstate agent was making a stop in Thunderbolt after assessing damage out on Tybee Island. The residents here believe they had some damage to their roof which caused water damage inside their home.

This couple was surprised when agents showed up because they had not even filed a claim, but officials tell me they are making an effort to check on all their customers in the area, regardless of whether they file a

If you have insurance through State Farm or Allstate, you can come to one of these claim centers they've set up. Officials say the best thing for you to do is call your agent as soon as possible.

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