Crews working to restore power on Albert St. after blown transformer

Crews working to restore power on Albert St. after blown transformer

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - As people are coming home and trying to get back to normal, plenty are still without power and it's mainly because of all of the fallen trees on top of power lines and blown transformers.

On Albert Street in Sandfly, where one side of the road has power and the other is completely out, it's all because of a blown transformer during Hurricane Matthew.

Throughout the day crews have been working to cut down trees and restore power but it all takes time.  Families I ran into were all pulling together sweeping their yards and picking up debris.

This is the case for Mrs. Chisolm, whose mother has a massive pine tree on top of her car it and actually crushed the steering wheel. She says church members helped them to cut down some of the tree, now they're just waiting to get power back on.

"It was kind of shocking, and to see where the fireplace is; the chimney is actually concaved in. The tree has actually broken through the ceiling and has decimated my dining room. The rest of the house is intact, so it's repairable, but they're not leaning. I have a sun roof in my house right now that's not supposed to be there," Ariana Berksteiner said.

"Mom is ready to get back into her home. We've been staying at my brother's house so were just ready to get back home. Unfortunately when the tree fell it fell on the transformer that provides power to this side of the street, so nobody on this side of Albert Street has any power," said Utesa Chisolm.

She thanks God her mom wasn't in the car at the time. This area is also under a boil advisory and she tells me the power cuts off at 10 p.m. but they're making it and ready to get back to life before Hurricane Matthew.

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