City information for homeowners who sustained storm damage

City information for homeowners who sustained storm damage

The City of Savannah Development Services office would like residents dealing with storm damage to their homes to know that no permit is needed for minor repairs such as the following:

  • Replacement of damaged siding
  • Repair of downspouts and gutters
  • Replacement of miscellaneous asphalt roof shingles 
  • Replacement  and painting of damaged trim boards
  • Removing water damaged materials from home

For a complete list of residential projects that do not need a permit, click here.

For major repairs and all work not identified above, a building permit is required and the work must be performed by a professional Georgia licensed residential contractor with the exception of mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades work. Work on these types of systems and related equipment must be performed by a professional Georgia licensed electrical contractor, plumbing contractor, and/or conditioned air contractor (mechanical).

  • To determine if a contractor is licensed, visit the Georgia Secretary of State website at , or call Development Services at (912)651-6530.  
  • For more information on how to apply for residential building permits, click here.

Homeowner's Permit:
A homeowner may get a permit to perform construction on his/her own residence if the homeowner:

  • lives in the residence (the owner cannot self-perform for rental properties);
  • has not applied for a permit at another address within two years;
  • accepts inherent responsibilities for the work authorized by the approved permit;
  • agrees to hire properly licensed contractors (licensed in the state of Georgia) for any work that is not performed by the owner;
  • performs work in accordance with all applicable codes and strictly adhere to the inspection schedule; and
  • submits a signed and notarized Homeowner's Affidavit.

If your home is located within a 100-year floodplain, and there is substantial damage to your home, contact the City's Floodplain Administrator at (912)651-6510 ext. 1895 or email to determine if you must bring your home into compliance with the City's Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.

If your home is located within the Landmark Historic District, the Victorian District, Mid-City or Cuyler-Brownsville Phase I, please contact the Historic Preservation Office at (912)651-1457 to determine if special requirements apply.

Please be aware of scams and/or fraudulent contractors who may demand payment for services that they have not completed for you. You have the right to negotiate an agreement whereby work either begins after an initial deposit is made or after the work is completed in full. 

If you have any questions regarding storm damage repairs, building permits, inspections, homeowner permits or contractor requirements, visit --> Permits for Construction --> Building Permits, or call (912) 651-6530 for more information.