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Wilmington River docks, boats destroyed

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We have been showing you the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew all week—some of which we are just seeing up close for the first time. 

WTOC took to the waterways Thursday to see what Matthew left behind. 

"Alongside Wilmington River, alongside Wilmington Island Road some of those docks are destroyed and there is just this giant debris field that is somewhat in the water as well as in the land from the storm surge,” said Troy Babin.

We are cruising down the river with Sea-Tow Captain Babin. 

While Matthew could not take away the beauty of these coastal waterways, the hurricane did leave behind plenty of reminders of its ferocity changing the scenery considerably. Some boats are now on land.

Many docks were no match for the storm's strong surge—battered and broken-- some stripped bare.

"Things that have been destroyed. Docks that have been destroyed. There are even vessels that are out there floating upside down,” said Babin.

But there is also a lot that you cannot see, and that can be a real danger for boaters.

"Some of the docks that have been destroyed, the most difficult part is that under the water they are waterlogged so that when they do float there is very little on the surface, much like the Titanic and the iceberg. You don't really see it. And sometimes if you are running too fast or running at night you are not going to see it or potentially and that is the most hazardous thing that is out there,” Babin said.

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