Beaufort mayor provides update on Hurricane Matthew cleanup

Beaufort mayor provides update on Hurricane Matthew cleanup

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - It's been one week since Hurricane Matthew entered our area. Government officials and community organizations have been working nonstop to return things to a sense of normalcy.

There's actually been a lot of improvement from the nearly 80,000 people we saw without power just a few days ago, to the opening of the barrier islands around Beaufort. I spoke to Beaufort's mayor earlier who says recovery is in the near future.

One of the main issues we saw with the hurricane was thousands of falling trees. Fortunately, most of them covered the roads and knocked down utility poles, only a few fell on homes severely damaging them.

As of right now, power is restored to customers within the city limits. We actually saw utility crews from Texas here over the weekend trying to get that power restored.

The mayor said there was minor flooding, especially in the downtown areas, but businesses along Bay Street were not affected by the storm water.

"We have about 100 homes that were damaged maybe about 120. Eighty percent of them are livable. About 15 percent of them need some repairs. About four or five of them have very serious damage," said Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling.

FEMA contractors will be out next week to remove the debris collected on the side of the roads.

The mayor says the city is working with the county to get some financial assistance for those homeowners.

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