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Mothers Allege Inappropriate Contact at School

Is there a student at Georgetown Elementary School who is inappropriately touching little girls during class? That's what two mothers say happened to their daughters.

The mothers say there was an 8-year-old boy in their daughters' first grade class who has touched them on their private parts. We spoke with both mothers today, who want to remain anonymous to protect their little girls.

They are outraged by the boy they say has been inappropriately touching their 7-year-old daughters. One mom found out about it on April 20, when her daughter broke into tears at dinner.

"When she was describing what he had done, he had gone into her panties and she showed me, she started to put her hands down her pants to show me how," she said.

The other mom heard the same story from her daughter a few days later. "I wanted to throw up," she told us.

The mothers say one of the places the little boy touched their daughters was inside a covered slide at the school. They say he would wait for them at the bottom and then put his hand in their pants.

"This happened on the playground, in the lunch line, in the music room and art room several times," one of the mothers told us.

They contacted the principal, the board of education, campus police, the Department of Family and Children Services, everyone they could think of to get this boy out of school.

But the only thing the school did was move the boy to another class. Why? "The things that were alleged, neither the faculty or students we interviewed had knowledge of such behavior occurring," said Chief Ulysses Bryant of the campus police.

The parents were even more outraged after hearing this, and they say there is only one reason they are speaking out. "I want other parents to be aware this is happening because I would want to know that a child has been moved into my daughter's class that has been sexually assaulting other kids."

The mothers believe the little boy is also a victim in this case and they want him to get help. They say they don't blame him as much as they do the school for allowing this to happen.

We spoke with the school's principal, and all she would say is "all the kids at Georgetown Elementary School are safe."

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,

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