Flood waters still impacting Jasper County residents

Flood waters still impacting Jasper County residents

JASPER CO., SC (WTOC) - Residents of the Lowcountry are still working towards recovery. We've seen how neighbors and organizations in Beaufort County are helping them get on their feet.

On Monday, we're taking a look at the road to recovery for Jasper County. It's been extremely busy for emergency services as they are still removing trees and surveying damage. They even had a high-risk water rescue in the aftermath of the storm, near I-95 in an area where we saw major flooding back during Tropical Storm Bonnie.

However, for residents and first responders, the wrath of Hurricane Matthew seems to be much greater. The director of emergency services says 100 percent of the county was without power.

Portions of the Hardeeville in leavy communities along Highway 46 actually just got power back over the weekend, but even with all the downed trees, flooding was still a major issue with this storm.

"Not as much widespread flooding, but some of the same areas that we had before down there at the north end of town exit 22, and just some other low-lying areas had some minor flooding. We had more water coming out of the swamps this time than we did with Bonnie, and that actually caused 17 between Ridgeland and Hardeeville to close down," said Wilbur Daley, Director of Emergency Services, Jasper County.

A lot of that water is still on the ground in places such as along Highway 46 and US 17, just a few miles from the Georgia state line.

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