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Shelter evacuations went smoothly for Chatham County Animal Services

(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

Chatham County Animal Services is praising the efforts to evacuate all of the animals in the shelter ahead of Hurricane Matthew. 

The director of the shelter says about 40 dogs and cats were evacuated earlier this month before the storm. She says at the time, the shelter was quite full, but luckily, they got the order early and were able to get all the animals out safely. 

"When we got the notice, the shelter was quite full. We did have to invite rescues in and they helped actually not only evacuate the animals, but they did actually help get some of them adopted out and moved into other parts of the state so that they could be adopted. Then, we had to pack up all the strays and go to Statesboro. Statesboro was just wonderful hosts to the stray animals, as well as my people," said Kerry Sirevicius, Director.

Kerry also said they were lucky because the shelter was not damaged during the hurricane.

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