Bluffton continuing cleanup process after Hurricane Matthew

Bluffton continuing cleanup process after Hurricane Matthew

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - The Town of Bluffton is trying to move past Hurricane Matthew.

The roads have been cleared and debris is on the side of the streets, waiting for pickup.

Bluffton, like other parts of the Lowcountry, saw thousands of fallen trees throughout the storm as well as major power outages, loss of cellular service and flooding in areas like Palmetto Bluff, the Farms and Old Town.

So far the town has started putting markers on property designating if there was damage and the severity of it.

Mayor Lisa Sulka explained what the next steps are for the town.

"You'll see debris here, we're waiting on the county to do a cleanup on all public roads. But private roads, anything with a blue sign, to roads into planned communities, the county has asked the state, has asked we have not gotten approval to see if they could also pick up debris tree debris from there," said Mayor Sulka.

The county has specific instructions for what to do with your debris. The town is also preparing for their seafood festival, an event the mayor says is necessary know to help boost spirits.