Hilton Head Island beaches back open, re-nourishment project delayed

Hilton Head Island beaches reopen, re-nourishment project delayed

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - The huge waves and high tides put a lot of debris on Hilton Head Island beaches, making it unsafe for beachgoers.

But not only did it keep people out of the water longer than they would have liked, but it also caused another delay in a major project.

Crews pulled the huge pipeline from the beach in the days leading up to the storm to make sure it didn't become dislodged and pushed from the beach, but even after the storm passed, there was still much work to do on the beach before it was reopened, causing a setback in the re-nourishment project.

The town manager explained what factors played a role in delaying reopening those beaches.

"We wanted to inspect every one of them. The trees that were down, we wanted them out of there, the trees that might be leaning or ready to fall. We wanted to make sure the parks were safe, that the beaches weren't ready to collapse, that the bathrooms were nice and clean. We wanted to take care of all of that before we reopened them," said Hilton Head Island Town Manager Steve Riley.

Construction is supposed to begin no later than Wednesday. That means we'll start to see that big pipeline being put back together on Coligny Beach.

They are now aiming for a late fall, early winter deadline.

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