Additional Squadrons Hoped for MCAS Beaufort

Under the BRAC plan, a dozen civilian positions will be created at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. It isn't a major upgrade, but is certainly better than the alternative.

Now Beaufort County's hoping to improve on today's news. Ideally, they'd like to add another fighter squadron or two.

The loss of a Navy squadron earlier this year had some people pretty nervous about how today would turn out. But that loss means the Navy could replace the Marauders without spending a dime since there's already space ready and waiting for them in Beaufort.

"And what we'd like to do and we've told the secretary of the Navy this, is we'd like to at least make up that Navy squadron so we'd have two," said Mayor Bill Rauch of Beaufort.

People who've worked to save the three bases here say their encroachment program, which has with the county and military working together to buy up land around the base, should help clear room for more squadrons in the future.

They're hopeful the Navy and Marines will take note.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,