Chatham County Increasing Fees for Facilities

If you live in Chatham County, all sorts of fees, from the use of recreation facilities to some water bills, are going up. The Aquatic Center will see a fee increase of a dollar for admission, and if you have water service in the unincorporated area, your bill will go up a few dollars.

Today county commissioners approved fee increases which include the Tybee Pier, healthcare service for county employees, and parking garage fees. The increases are intended to ensure that property taxes aren't used for operation costs and to keep everything running and in working order.

"Popular means more work in keeping things clean or scheduled," said county manager Russ Abolt. "It's not a question of discouraging use, but we do have to realize we have great uses and we want to make them acceptable to users."

Commissioners also considered implementing a mixed-drink tax in the unincorporated areas. That would affect 45 bars and restaurants.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,