Georgia Regional to Close Children and Adolescent Unit

It's official: Georgia Regional Hospital will be closing the doors to its children and adolescent unit June 30. Two weeks ago, Chatham County commissioners tried to get the governor to veto the funding cuts, but their plea went unanswered.

Now Georgia Regional will transport many young patients to Milledgeville. Others will go to what the governor calls "crisis stabilization units and group homes." The county says that will not be adequate care and commissioners say they will continue fighting to find funding to reopen the unit in Savannah.

"We will continue to lobby our legislators and see if that money can be put back in the supplemental budget in a couple of months," said commission chairman Pete Liakakis.

They won't review the supplemental budget until January, and commissioners promise to work hard and try new avenues for funding until then.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,