WTOC Hometown Hero: Scott Thompson

GUYTON, GA (WTOC) - Now that he has helped Guyton get back on its feet, Scott Thompson can get back to work.

"The community comes first," said Thompson. "Without the community, I wouldn't be in business, so you've got to look after the people who look after us."

So, even though he had damage at his own house from Hurricane Matthew and even though he is moving his Rooter Man Plumbers business into a new office, Thompson put everything on hold to take care of those around him who were worse off.

"Initially on Saturday, I started helping people clean up some trees and stuff," said Thompson. "Then, Monday night, something just popped in my head and I said these people have been without hot food for four days now. Why don't we cook something for them?"

With much of Guyton without power, Thompson fired up his grill and provided about 2,000 meals for neighbors over the next two days and put together packages for people who had lost everything in their freezer.

"Then we started feeding the workers, the Georgia State DOT workers, linemen and everyone servicing our area," he said. "We started feeding those guys too."

Several people in the Guyton community donated food to be cooked.

Several more also came forward when Thompson announced that he would put up $100 to send four families to this week's Effingham County Fair.

"Once I posted that on Facebook and shared it," said Thompson, "I had 10 more people step up. And we went from giving $25 to four families to giving $25 to 41 families. A lot of them were telling me that extra money is helping them go to the fair when they would not have been able to go."

And it was another way this WTOC Hometown Hero was helping people bounce back from Hurricane Matthew.

"Everyone just had to help out in any way they could," said Thompson. "It was a real good response from the community and without the community, we couldn't have done it. Everyone was praising me for it, but without the community behind us and helping out, there's no way we could have done it."

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