Tybee residents see long lines for daily mail

Tybee residents waiting hours in line for mail

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Imagine waiting for hours in a line outside, just to get your daily mail.

That's the only option for some residents on Tybee Island who have P.O. boxes, now forced to pick up their mail on Wilmington Island.

On Tybee Island, the post office off South Campbell Avenue is empty, flooded after Hurricane Matthew. There are signs on the door warning residents they may be injured if they enter.

However, on Wilmington Island, it's a completely different scene off Johnny Mercer Boulevard. Tybee residents are lined outside the door, waiting for hours to get their hands on their mail.

"So far I've been here since 9:30 this morning, so a couple hours," Vicki Thomas, a 30-year Tybee resident said.

"I was there yesterday, and waited three and a half hours," Judy Compton added.

Some wish there was a solution to the frustratingly long wait times.

"If they could just open up a temporary location on Tybee, that would be so great," Sandy Coleman said.

"They don't have any organization for box number or by last name, or anything like that here, so everybody just gets in line," Robert Green explained.

For now, they're keeping their spirits up in true Tybee fashion.

"Everybody's just being patient, just typical Tybee people, we're laid back and having fun just talking to the neighbors," Thomas said.

"Well everybody's frustrated, but we're all from Tybee so things happen when they happen," Green added.

I spoke to a postal spokesperson who said they hope to have the Tybee post office up and running around Thanksgiving, in time for the traditional holiday mailing season. However, he doesn't want to create any false expectations. He says a minimum closure of 30 days is likely, but there's no certainty.

For now, residents must pack their patience, and make the best of the situation.

"If that's all we got to complain about, then we're alright," Coleman said.

The postal spokesperson says the Wilmington location is the closest facility that is suitable to give mail to Tybee residents, so they can't open a temporary location on Tybee Island.

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