Comcast/Xfinity responds to outage complaints around Chatham County

Comcast/Xfinity responds to outrage complaints around Chatham county.

Still without Comcast services following Hurricane Matthew? 

The complaints are flooding in as the cable and internet company asks for patience.

Downed power lines, phone and cables lines still down. It's a big problem for a lot of people who live on Wilmington Island, Isle of Hope, Southbridge and Southside Savannah. They are still waiting for Comcast/Xfinity services to come back, but Comcast says they have almost everybody back online. 

“Two times we have had them here and they call us every night to tell us our service is back on, and we are like, it isn’t on,” said Allison Gabbert, a Wilmington Island Comcast customer.

Gabbert says her neighbors are still offline. They have Xfinity back, at least temporarily.

“Only because we insisted. They were here, the box was there, can’t you run something for us and they did,” said Gabbert.

“These customers are located in neighborhoods where our equipment was either destroyed or suffered extensive damage. In many cases, these customers are also without power. By law, Comcast must get permission from the local power companies before we can begin our own restoration process,” said Comcast Public Relations Vice President Alex Horwitz.

Georgia Power sent the following statement via email on Thursday afternoon:

Our distribution manager has spoken to the local Manager of Comcast.  He states that they have no current issues related to Georgia Power Company.

Our company officials advise that there is no law or policy stating that they have to have permission from us to access a property and restore service.

Comcast officials sent us an updated statement on Thursday afternoon to clarify the previous position with local power companies:

Throughout the post-hurricane process, Comcast has worked closely with the local power companies to bring customers back online. Comcast must wait for the power company to restore service, and then we can move in and bring our Xfinity services back up as well.

At this time, less than 1 percent of our customers in Savannah are without their Xfinity services. These customers are located in neighborhoods where our communications equipment was either destroyed or suffered extensive damage. In some cases, these customers are also without power. Our crews are working around the clock to repair our equipment and restore customers’ services as quickly as possible.

Since the storm arrived, we have had hundreds of employees and contractors on site. For the vast majority of customers, we were able to restore service very quickly.

To support the remaining customers who have no Xfinity service, we have continued to bring in additional resources and equipment to expedite the restoration process. We understand that this is a major inconvenience for our customers, and we appreciate their patience as we work through this process.

Horwitz asks customers still out to contact them, but also remember, if an area is unsafe, work will be delayed considering a hurricane ripped through nearby. 

On Wilmington Island, in Allison's neighborhood, five homes are still without power according to the outage map for Georgia Power. Horwitz says their system shows five homes still without Comcast. 

Customers who lost their service will be pro-rated for days lost if you contact Comcast once your service is back on.

“I can tell you our crews are working around the clock to restore service as quickly as possible,” said Horwitz.

“Like Georgia Power, through the storm, you guys were updating and when I check their app it tells me I have service. I'm like, No I don’t so I have to report every day I don’t have service,” said Gabbert.

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - What you can do is tweet Comcast South to get a response that way and they do want you to be patient while crews work night and day to get the service back on. You can contact Comcast directly.

Comcast also says they have updated their 1-888-Comcast number with current situation information. They ask customers to continue using that number.

A Comcast spokesperson says 99 percent of their customers in our area have their service restored.

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