FEMA individual assistance, small business options for those impacted by Hurricane Matthew

FEMA individual assistance small business options for those impacted by hurricane Matthew.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Small business owners and individual homeowners impacted by Hurricane Matthew may be eligible for low-interest loans, but may not know their options.

The Small Business Assistance Corporation in Savannah offers a loan to small businesses affected by the hurricane. For small business owners, you can be loaned up to $30,000

It comes with a minimum 4.5 percent interest rate and a term of up to 35 months.

This can be in addition to other loans or assistance you may have. You don't necessarily have to have building damage to apply.

"Food spoilage because you know how it's gone, there have been some lost wages so they need working capital to do that, and they really just need a lot of working capital just to get back up and going," said Small Business Assistance Group Vice President Stephen George.

As for individual assistance for homeowners. There is help for you as well through FEMA.

If you live in Bryan, Bulloch, Chatham, Effingham, Glynn, McIntosh or Wayne counties in Georgia, you can apply for a loan of up to $200,000 to make home repairs or up to $40,000 to replace damaged personal property, including cars.

The term on these loans is up to 30 years with about a 1.5 percent interest rate.

FEMA provides loans for small business owners as well with different rates and amounts.

You can apply for FEMA aid by visiting their website here, calling them at 1.800.621.3362, or by downloading their mobile app.

You will enter your name, address and description of the damage. You will need your social security number and bank routing number and you will also be asked about your household income and what kind of insurance you have. 

Even if you have insurance, officials say it’s a good idea to still register with FEMA.

"Even if they don't think they are eligible or even if they have contacted their insurance company they should go ahead and register anyway once that is announced and start the process with FEMA because your insurance company, something may go wrong there. You may not have flood insurance which is usually a separate policy, so there are all kinds of things unforeseen that can go wrong, so it still makes sense to go ahead and register with FEMA even though you may not get anything from them if your insurance covers it,” said Savannah Emergency Management Director David Donnelly.

Once you register, a case will be opened and a FEMA inspector will call you and then have to come to your house for an inspection.  You do need to be present for that and you will need to show an I.D. and proof of residence and ownership.

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