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Volunteer group helping residents in Claxton clear debris after Matthew

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When Hurricane Matthew hit Penn Avenue, it left behind much more debris than homeowners can handle alone. A group from Claxton has decided to take things into their hands to help get things restored.

The trees in some yards resemble dominoes, one bringing down another. Juanita Morris lost trees in the dark to the storm she'll never forget.

Juanita Morris, a Statesboro resident, explained, “I knew what it was going to be like because I could hear things falling all around. It was really bad. I couldn't believe it. Told somebody it was like Florida, just without the water."

She and others can't move large trees like this by themselves. Thankfully a volunteer group, placed by GEMA, will spend days here sawing up tons of debris to a manageable size.

John Womble of Evans Co. EMA said, “The help won't cost them anything. But we're also asking for volunteers to come out and help drag the cut debris to the road."

That's where city or county crews can pick it up and haul it away.

Morris, who still mows her grass, says she will welcome crews who can get the heavy stuff for her.

"I just thank the Lord for it, and the people helping out with it. Just a big blessing for the town.”

Womble says they'll start in the incorporated cities, then work out into the county until they help all of those they can. 

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