Candlelight vigil held to remember young lives lost in Carver Heights triple-homicide

Friends, family gather to remember young lives lost in Carver Heights triple-homicide

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It was an emotional evening in the Carver Heights neighborhood Saturday as dozens joined together to remember the lives of three young people who were shot to death in a home on Lynah Street, just one year ago.

Tears were shed and memories were shared at the candlelight vigil. Loved ones say the pain is just as hard to bear as it was when the homicides first occurred.

"This day is a hard day for each and every one of us especially my mother."

"Lord knows we have been through this struggle together."

Friends and family joined together to remember the lives of siblings 21-year-old Kiana Marshall and 18-year-old Isaiah Martin also known as Korey, as well as friend 19-year-old Alexis Kitchens.

"They were so young you know I never would've thought. You see it in the movies but never thought it would've come to reality," said Tammie Kitchens, Kiana's mother.

"It's just a shame to be in your own house and somebody comes in and kills you," said Leon Brooks.

Leon Brooks is the stepfather of Kianna and Korey. He introduced me to Korey's 5-month-old daughter who never got the chance to meet her father.

"That's not good you know these young men out her got to stop killing each other and let these babies have somebody to grow up to," said Brooks.

If you remember, one year ago police found the bodies of the three victims inside of their home on Lynah street all with gunshot wounds. They later arrested three suspects for the triple homicide.

"They're playing with guns out here once you pull that trigger you can't take that bullet back," said Brooks.

The families say they just wanted to celebrate the lives of the victims as they fight through the pain.

"We will miss our sister because this is all of her sisters right here."

Everyone I spoke with kept pleading for the violence in Savannah to stop.

No word on when the three suspects are due in court for the crime.

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