Apartment management encourages safety tips after fatal shooting at complex in Statesboro

Apartment management encourages safety tips after fatal shooting at complex in Statesboro

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - You don't need a passcode or security card to get into Campus Crossing or many of the other off-campus apartment complexes near Georgia Southern. The traffic - by car or on foot - stays constant almost 24 hours a day.

The Statesboro Police Department continues to investigate how a young man got here from Savannah and how he was eventually shot and killed.

Just after midnight Wednesday, police arrived after a neighbor heard shots and called 911. They found 24-year-old Vernon Hunter wounded.

Police have not said if they've found anyone who knew Hunter or why he was in town or how he got here from Savannah.

They have offered a cash reward for information.

In the meantime, one resident told me off-camera the complex sent them letters advising basic safety tips - like locking doors and cars - in part due to the walk-through traffic.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Statesboro Police - by phone or online - and you can do that anonymously.

The management at Campus Crossings at Statesboro released the following statement addressing the incident:

Last week's incident among guests on our property was tragic, and since then, we've increased the presence of our courtesy officer and met directly with residents as part of our Crime Watch initiative. Property management and our courtesy officer held a meeting with residents today to review safety tips and resources, and discuss strategies for reporting suspicious activity to management and the police. We strongly encourage our residents to be the eyes and ears of our community by sharing pertinent information. Campus Crossings at Statesboro does not tolerate violence, threats of violence or any illegal activity at our community and we take immediate action against those involved in these types of activities. The wellbeing of our residents is our top priority.

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