Good News: Oldest BC alum visits school

Good News: Oldest BC alum visits school

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - What do you give the man who has seen everything?

Hearing the Benedictine fight song did just fine.

"I love BC," said Sebastian Orsini, who was serenaded with the fight song by the senior Cadets on Wednesday. "I positively, absolutely love BC."

Orsini was back at his alma mater, the oldest living Cadet celebrating his 100th birthday the only way he hoped to.

"That was his request," said BC headmaster Father Frank Ziemkkiewicz. "Where else would he want to spend his birthday than with the students at BC?"

"They were talking about putting him in the hospital on Tuesday," added Orsini's son, Tony. "He has a bed sore on his foot. He said no, I'm coming here"

In a way, Orsini has never left Benedictine.

Papa, as he is known at the school, graduated with the Class of 1934, from a different building, in a different part of town. But he returned with the same sense of pride he still sees in the school's students today, and that he said his caretaker picked up on immediately.

"That lady I brought with me today, she never heard of BC," said Orsini. "Now, she's in love with it already."

That's a love Orsini has carried for eight decades.

And it's an example now evident to a much younger generation of Cadets.

"That feel of brotherhood, character that our principal Mr. Daly is trying to emphasize," said Father Ziemkiewicz, "he exemplifies it. He's a true son of BC."

And Orsini's son has been hearing about the school his whole life.

"I was fortunate enough to teach and coach here for 18 years and I became his favorite child when that happened," said Tony Orsini. "He bleeds maroon. He loves this place."

Today was a celebration of that love as much as a 100th birthday, with song and gifts and great respect.

And with the guest of honor summing up the whole event in two words.

"Go, Cadets," said Osini.

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