Update on hurricane cleanup process provided at Savannah City Council meeting

Update on hurricane cleanup process provided at Savannah City Council meeting

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Cleanup and disaster relief efforts are well underway for the City of Savannah, but several city council members say they're still getting calls from constituents wondering why some processes are taking so long.

Debris cleanup and where to start for receiving disaster relief are two of the most common topics in question, according to the council.

Storm debris pickup alone has collected nearly 70,000 cubic yards of material. The sanitation director says they're estimating more than 400,000 cubic yards will be picked up when all is said and done.

For reference, the director says if you stacked all that material on a football field, it would tower three to four miles high.

Savannah's Emergency Management director said during the presentation that on top of the federal aid that residents can register for, the city is also trying to help where they can.

"We also have savannah.recovers.org ? for a local assistance and getting people connected here, that again, if FEMA tells them no or the SBA tells them no and they're still in need. We are trying to take care of our citizens the best we can through multiple facets," said Savannah Emergency Management Director David Donnelly.

The sanitation director reminded everyone that debris cleanup teams are not lawn care services or landscapers, and no special pickups will be made unless there is a safety threat.

The first pass on debris pickup is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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