Chatham Co. Board of Elections responds to vote-switching issue

Chatham Co. Board of Elections respond to vote-switching issue
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CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - We've received several calls from viewers claiming the voting machines at Chatham County's only early voting precinct were not responding properly to their choices—particularly in the presidential race.

That same concern has been expressed across the country. However, most elections officials chalk it up to hysteria created by the candidates or social media.

No such issues have been raised to local election managers in Chatham County.

The touch screen voting machines can be sensitive, so ultimately, it's up to you to check your own work.

Millions of Americans will head to the polls ahead of the November elections. Many voters though claim their choice is being switched to the other candidate on the ballot. It's a problem people in Chatham County don't want to see.

"It is your voice to vote, I had an aneurysm in September, and as you can see I'm out here voting so it's very important," said Latasha Everett.

Thousands of voters have cast ballots in the nine days of early voting in the Coastal Empire and Low Country. It is ultimately up to you to make sure the ballot you cast is indeed correct.

"They should do that. Take advantage of that before pushing the cast ballot," said Chatham County Board of Elections Chairman Tom Mahoney III.

A ballot cast is an official vote—there is no going back. We caught up with voters leaving the polling location in Chatham County.

"Everything was correct according to my selections," said Montre Everett.

"I had no problems at all," added Frank King.

Once you make your selections, you will come to a screen to make sure those selections are actually the choices you made. You can make any change from this screen. If in doubt, call over a poll worker.

"If they go back and re-check their ballot before they cast it, they'll see that, and they themselves can change that, change that vote before they cast it to correct it," said Mahoney.

Elections workers calibrated over 600 machines in Chatham County. Voters are thankful they're working properly.

"This is our voice that we're talking about here and if your vote is recorded incorrectly, that means your voice wasn't heard so it's very important that the way we vote is recorded correctly," said Montre Everett.

There are reports of this happening in Bryan County. The elections supervisor would not return our call, though.

Again, this is just another reason to always double check your ballot before you hit submit.

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