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Ramesh feels like a prisoner to his glasses and contacts having worn them for most of his life.  “They just irritate your eyes,” says Ramesh.


Frustrated, Ramesh has now opted for Intralase Lasik surgery.  It’s the latest in Lasik technology.  “What it does, is in essence, it gives us an ability to perform an exact flap. We can make , we determine what dimensions of the flap you want and it comes out perfect every time,” explains eye surgeon, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo.


Lasik has always been a two-step process.  In the first step, the surgeon makes a thin corneal flap and folds it back away from the eye…once the flap is created, the surgeon can gain access to the irregular tissue, causing the vision problems. The second step involves using another laser to sculpt and re-shape the corneal tissue for vision correction.


Traditionally, the first step involved using a hand-held surgical blade to make the flap.  Intralase Lasik now replaces that blade with a computer-guided laser. The physician can program the laser to include the exact flap diameter, depth and width.   The laser beam penetrates through the outer layers of the cornea until it reaches the center.  


Doctors have found in addition to fewer complications when they used the laser in the first step, many patients had better than 20/20 vision, some 20/15, some even 20/12 and a half.  “I have done about 15,000 in the last, a little over 3 years and the visual outcomes are far better, much better than the blade. The blade is kind of crude,” says Dr. Dello Russo.


Rahmesh says he can’t wait to escape his dependence on glasses and contacts.  “It gives you freedom, you don’t have to worry about it, that’s what I am really looking forward to.”


The Intralase Lasik procedure from start to finish takes approximately 30 seconds.  But with prep time, patients should expect to spend around 3 hours at the doctor’s office.





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