Chatham Co. Mosquito Control preparing to spray over the weekend, Effingham Co. to discuss options

Chatham Co. Mosquito Control preparing to spray over the weekend, Effingham Co. to discuss options

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Chatham County's Mosquito Control is preparing to do something it normally doesn't do, work on the weekends.

Ariel and ground crews will be out in force this weekend to try to get ahead of the booming mosquito population, post-Hurricane Matthew.

WTOC spoke to the mosquito control director on Friday, who says they're up against more than one obstacle to achieve that task.

A lot more people than usual are calling into the mosquito control office wondering when ground crews and those yellow helicopters will be in their area to spray.

It hasn't been uncommon for the phone to ring more than 200 times in a day, all people wondering when their neighborhood will get some attention. But the fact is, this abatement effort is a science and one that the team at the mosquito control office understands.

The islands area tends to be the problem area, but the director says their control efforts are being spread around.  The above normal temperatures and excess water still around are two of the biggest elements working against them.

"When you've got temperature still up in the 70's and 80's during the day, it's still good enough for them to complete that development cycle, as long as the water stays there long enough. And I just got finished with a flight around the county in our helicopter, and there still a lot of water out there. So, we are going to be busy," said Chatham County Mosquito Control Director Jeffery Heusel.

Each time a tree like this fell during the storm, it did two things to only help the increase the numbers of mosquitoes. It left behind a hole where water could gather, which then becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And losing a tree like this also takes away an organism that soaks up around 20 gallons of water a day, which slows the absorption of standing water.

In Effingham County, County Commissioner Vera Jones says the commission is working on a solution for the mosquito problem left behind by Hurricane Matthew. She says they are pricing out the costs to have someone spray the county.

Effingham County Commission plans to talk about the mosquito problem at their meeting Tuesday.

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