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Bug spray a necessity for Friday night lights

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Chatham County Mosquito Control crews plan to be busy this weekend to head off a growing pest problem post-Hurricane Matthew.

Some residents said the mosquitoes are worse than ever. Wilmington Island just got its first aerial treatment Thursday.

Friday night lights and bug spray - the second more important than the first for most fans taking in a game.

"The mosquitoes are so bad right now, morning, noon and night. It used to only be dusk, now they're all the time. They're free flying, aggressive," said Wilmington resident Sandi Roth.

As we bounced from game to game, the colors and teams changed, but that bug spray was consistent.

"I definitely grabbed the bug spray tonight and my son has already been back up to the concession stand to get it from me. I told him to wear pants but he wore shorts and he's already come up here to grab it so they're bad," said Christa Young.

Bad is an understatement. Chatham County Mosquito Control crews plan to be busy once again this weekend - a time they don't normally work - to get this problem under control.

"The smaller pins that you see there, what shows up mostly here are the white ones and that would be our calls that we did on Wednesday. The black ones that you see here, those are actually Friday calls. So calls that we received today," said Chatham County Mosquito Control Director Jeffrey Heusel.

It wasn't just fans lathering up, referees say that bug spray is just as important as the whistle Friday night.

Even with the constant attacks, the bugs continue to come back. If you're hoping for more treatments in your area, you're in luck.

"We have to keep doing the rotation around here to number one, take care of the mosquitoes that are coming in from other areas and to take care of mosquitoes that are still hatching off,” said Heusel.

Just for good measure, still take that bug spray next Friday. The aerial treatments headed to Isle of Hope Friday. Heusel said the islands are probably the worst part of Chatham County right now.

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