Consider This: Locked and Looted

Consider This: Locked and Looted

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Last week a WTOC Investigation, "Locked and Looted", revealed the real issue and the real impact gun store robberies are having on our community.

So far this year, the number of guns stolen from federally licensed stores in Georgia is already up by 50 percent, and there's still a two months left in the year.

Once of the biggest, most recent robberies in our area came in June when 55 hand-guns were stolen from a Statesboro store. Guns that were legally for sale will now hit the black market and likely end up in the hands of people with no good on their mind. A certain cause and effect that's driving our escalating crime rate up.

As our investigation revealed, Georgia is currently one of the leading states in the country when it comes to exporting stolen guns in the region. A distinction we would easily fix.

Consider this: Georgia currently doesn't have any regulations or laws requiring gun stores owners to better protect their inventory when they're closed, making them easy targets for thieves. In fact, only nine states in the country do.

Some states require removal of the guns from the racks at night, while others require safes.

Believe it or not, getting this type of legislation passed, which would almost certainly reduce the number of stolen guns on our streets and help reduce crime, still gets met with resistance from lawmakers.

It's time for that to change. It's time for regulation. And it's time for us to say this is a gun control law we can all support.

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