ECSO houses registered sex offenders during trick-or-treat times

ECSO houses registered sex offenders during trick-or-treat times

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - The Effingham County Sheriff taking it one step further to protect his community on Halloween.

The sheriff had every sex offender still on probation or parole spend most of their night at the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's office says this protects trick-or-treaters and the sex offenders. It takes away any concern or doubt parents may have. It also means these sex offenders are accounted for if something does happen.

Scary music, candy and frightening decorations. All things synonymous with Halloween. This neighborhood in Rincon is just one place superheroes and the like can be spotted Monday night.

"This has always been a designated safe neighborhood for Halloween, so we love doing this for the kids every year," said Rincon resident Valerie Stone.

Effingham County roads - like many other counties - full of patrolling deputies and police officers. They take it one step further though by rounding up the sex offenders every Halloween.

"I believe this is a good idea. Not only does it protect the community, but it also protects the sex offenders from any concerns being raised, any doubts, any questions about where they were, if an incident were to happen," said ECSO Deputy Ivey Williamson.

Every parent we spoke with agrees.

"Absolutely. The sheriff's been doing an awesome job making sure there's no sexual predators out here and they're patrolling the area so it makes me feel a lot safer for my family," said Daniel Acevedo.

"It means a great deal because it makes all the kids be safer. And it makes us feel safer that the kids are out there and not having to worry about it," said Beverlie Thomas.

Just one less thing these trick-or-treaters and parents have to worry about.

"It's all about them. It's fun. They get to go out. They get to go trick or treating and have a great time and not have to worry about anybody doing anything they shouldn't," Slone said.

The roundup only requires those on probation or parole to attend this event. It's a condition of their probation.

They were at the sheriff's office from 6 to 9 p.m. Deputies tell us every required offender showed up Monday night.

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