Family Seeks Missing Infant, Great Aunt

Update: Baby Taquera has been recovered and is well. Police have arrested Emma Roberts in Brunswick and charged her with interfering with child custody and kidnapping. We'll have more on this story coming up on THE News at 5.

It's been a scary week for a brand new mother. The baby's great aunt took the baby for what was supposed to be a few days and still hasn't come home. The father's aunt stopped by almost two weeks ago, saying she wanted to show the newborn to the father's side of the family. Now neither the mother nor the police can find the aunt or the baby.

Stuffed animals wait patiently in Taquera's Greger's crib in Flemington, in Liberty County, for her to return. The infant hasn't been home since May 4.

"I try to keep my mind occupied so I won't think of the bad things that could happen to her, but yet I'm still hurting inside," said Natascha Greger, Taquera's mother.

Gabriele Mormann, Taquera's grandmother, is also beside herself. "I'm very worried. I can't sleep no more. I'm hoarse, crying."

Natascha let Emma Roberts, Taquera's great aunt, take Taquera almost two weeks ago. No one's seen either baby or aunt since. "She was supposed to be back Monday and she never came back," Natsascha said.

Liberty County sheriff's deputies say there's a chance both Roberts and Taquera are not in Liberty County. Natascha's filed a report, but investigators say since she willingly let Roberts take the baby, Roberts hasn't done anything worse than interfere with child custody, and that's only a misdemeanor.

But that doesn't make a difference to Gabriel. "I just want everyone to know if they seen or heard from her to please contact the sheriff's department in Hinesville to let them know so I can get my granddaughter back."

Investigators say they haven't seen any evidence to lead them to believe Taquera's in danger, so they haven't issued an Amber Alert, but are going to consider that option today, after talking with a few more people.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,