FEMA denies funds for debris removal from private property in Chatham Co.

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - FEMA has denied Chatham County public assistance to remove debris from gated communities with private roads, including neighborhoods like The Landings.

But, Congressman Buddy Carter told us this battle is far from over. In fact, he's helping Chatham County officials with an appeal to the FEMA decision.

Typically, he says the federal agency only assists counties with disaster recovery along "public" roads. It only considers private roads if a county makes the request.

Chatham County did just that and got denied Tuesday due to the amount and location of the debris.

"There are other factors that are considered. For instance, does it present a health safety risk to the community? That is one thing that we are trying to point out to FEMA  is that there's been an uptick in the triple-E disease that is a mosquito born disease that has happened in Chatham County before, and we feel like this could potentially happen if we don't get this debris removed off the private property," said Rep. Carter.

The congressman says his staff will be helping CEMA with that letter of appeal. As we've reported, places like The Landings have already begun to remove debris at their own expense hoping to recoup those expenses from the county down the road.

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