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Rash of Burglaries on Ogeechee Road

The latest burglary scene on Ogeechee Road. The latest burglary scene on Ogeechee Road.

A recent rash of smash-and-grab burglaries on Ogeechee Road has some business owners very upset. And you won't believe what these thieves are stealing in a number of burglaries between I-516 and Gamble Road.

We spoke with business owners including those at the BP gas station, which was the most recent target. Around 2am this morning someone broke in just to steal cigarettes. And that doesn't seem like much, but it's part of a much bigger problem.

With all the damage you would think the thieves would steal a lot more than just cigarettes. "It really upsets me," said Roger Vacot, owner of Peggy Lynn's, a diner right across the street from the gas station.

He knows firsthand about burglars breaking in and taking next to nothing. Thieves struck his place about a week ago. "They came in through the ceilings and busted the ceilings out," he told us.

The thieves were also able to take the lock off for a quick getaway. But luckily Vacot does not keep anything valuable in the restaurant. "Anyone breaking in, you're not getting nothing."

"There's not much to steal, they broke into a dry cleaner's," said Joseph Williams of Coastal Dry Cleaners right down the street. The store was also broken into last week.

But this time, thieves did walk away with something. "They came in, threw some stuff around, took 50 bucks and a couple of pieces of jewelry," said Williams. "That's all they got."

Although they can't be sure, business owners believe some of the guests staying in nearby hotels may be those responsible for these crimes.

"You see a lot of stuff going on in these areas," said Williams. "You see drug dealers, prostitution, a lot of it."

"They cant go down and police these motels?" asked Vacot.

Even though thieves are walking away with next to nothing, many businesses along Ogeechee Road says that's not the point. They say the security and safety of their businesses means everything.

"You have to open in the morning," said Williams. "Customers are coming in, they're scared because they see a busted window and stuff thrown all over your store. They're really scared to come in."

If you have any information on this recent rash of burglaries, you are asked to call CrimeStoppers at 234.2020.

Reported by: Hena Daniels, hdaniels@wtoc.com

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