Veterinary Worker Needs Help with Pets While Son Recovers from Burns

A local veterinary office--in the business of taking care of animals--is now trying to take care of one of its employees. Christina Olson works at the 204 Animal Hospital. Last week her son suffered bad burns on 40 percent of his body, and while she takes care of him, she needs someone else to take care of their pets.

Dr. David Kicklighter and his wife Sue are very concerned about their long-time employee, her family and her pets. Christina has worked for them for five years, taking in many strays during that time.

"She's a good person, she has a warm heart," said Dr. Kicklighter.

Last Wednesday, while Christina was at work, she got the news that her 14-year-old son Andrew was hurt.

"He was playing with fire and matches and another child was playing with lighter fluid and it squirted on him and instantly went up his body," said Sue Kicklighter. "He's 40 percent burned on his body and they're dealing with infections and having a hard time."

Andrew is being treated at the burn center in Augusta, and before he can come home, his pets have to go.

"So what we are trying to do is help place some animals for her, because, when her son comes home, the environment needs to be very clean while his wounds are healing," explained Dr. Kicklighter.

The dogs which need homes are 7-year-old Bear, an 8-year-old chow mix named Brandy, and this 6-year-old chow mix named Pugsy. Then there's Tara and Indy, the cats.

"It's just time for someone to step up for Christina, because she's always stepped up for everybody else who left animals at our door or abandoned them," said Sue.

If you would like to adopt one of these pets you can call the 204 Animal Hospital at 920.4204.

The Kicklighters have also set up an account at SunTrust bank for anyone who would like to help the family with medical bills. You can donate money at any branch. Just ask for the Robert and Christina Olson fund.

Right now their son Andrew is still in critical condition. No word on how long he will have to stay at the burn center.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,