SC DNR warning boaters to watch wake after docks damaged by Matthew

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - The Department of Natural Resources says to be extra cautious as you travel along waterways because of damage to many docks.

Tuesday, they put up these signs along boat ramps, reminding boaters to slow down and watch the wake. With the destruction of docks and marinas from Hurricane Matthew, the wake can actually make dock damage much worse.

"Some of this debris barely breaks the surface of the water. There's some that are barely under the water that you can't see. So it's very, very important that each boater, he or she, keeps an eye out. Be visual when you're out boating. And be safe. And be mindful of everybody else and the damage that other folks did sustain during the storm," said SC DNR Lt. Michael Thomas. "It is very sensitive now because of the damage that was sustained from Hurricane Matthew to these docks, these marinas...these private individuals who own these docks. Some of them are just barely hanging on. They're damaged, but they're not damaged to the point where they got to completely rebuild yet--but further damage could bring it to the point where it's a complete loss."

DNR has been bringing in extra officers to the coastline since the storm. They will continue to patrol waterways over the next few weeks to ensure boaters are following these new warnings.

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