Keeping an eye on gas prices after Alabama pipeline explosion

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - You may remember in September, Colonial Pipeline had another major issue with a gas leak.

It did disrupt fuel distribution and the price of gas across the Southeast, sending it skyrocketing.

In the Lowcountry, you can already see a rise in gas prices and shortage in supply.

One gas station manager tells us he is not worried this time around because last time not much changed. At least for him.

"Every other big disaster that came about didn't get to us or affect us too much. I've seen other places nearby get affected, but we didn't really get hurt so bad, probably because we have different companies," said Jose Chires, a Shell station manager.

According to Colonial Pipeline's latest update, the fire is contained and emergency responders are now waiting for it to burn out.

The gasoline line that ruptures and exploded Monday has been shut down.

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