Consider This!: Go vote

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - What started with Ted Cruz becoming the first official candidate back in March of 2015 will soon end with the election of our 45th President.

Dozens of candidates, debates, name calling, finger pointing, leaked emails, leaked videos all come down to these final hours as candidates make their last-ditch pleas for your vote.

This general election is about far more than just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It's about the future of our country as the balance of power in our House and Senate is at stake. It is about the future of our Supreme Court as the next president has one current opening to fill and will likely have more. And for those of us in Georgia, it is about the future of our schools that aren't quite meeting our standards.

All of those questions to be answered by Wednesday morning with one simple civic duty… getting out and voting.

The tone and texture of this election may motivate more voters to make it to the polls this year, or it may cause some to stay away. So far lines have been long at the early voting sites across our region, but sadly, if history tells us anything, only about 60 percent of the people eligible to vote will do so. That's the national average, one that Georgia is consistent with, but South Carolina falls below.

Consider This: If you don't vote and let your voice be heard before the polls close, then you must live with the results of this election in silence. Voting is more than a right, it is an obligation that every citizen must embrace. And while half the people who do cast a ballot will be disappointed with the result, at least they did their part to make a difference.

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