Gunshots Ring Out in Savannah Apartment Complex

More than a dozen gunshots rang out in the early morning hours on LaRoche Avenue. Police say it was part of botched drug deal. They have one man in custody.

Surprisingly enough, nobody was hurt, but they found that out after two apartment homes where shot up.

Neighbors say it's a relatively quiet neighborhood at Indigo Point Apartments. "We haven't had problems since we've been here," said neighbor Hugh Scott.

But that wasn't the case early this morning when bullets riddled the outside walls of the complex.

"I was just going out to get my newspaper this morning and at first I thought it was some regular fire crackers, then they started repeating themselves," said Ed Vasser, who lives nearby.

Police say at least 20 rounds slammed into each home but didn't hit anyone. Police took no chances, and with weapons drawn, searched for the shooters.

Police say these shootings weren't random and that the gunmen actually knew the people living in those apartments and opened fired to retaliate.

"I thought it was fire crackers then it started to get like a war zone," said Vasser.

Investigators say the gunmen shot up one apartment home, moved across the complex and opened fire on another.

Even though nobody was hurt, neighbors say sadly this is all too common in Savannah. "What can you do? You can't stop it, it comes out of nowhere," said Vasser.

The man police arrested is identified as Philip Gralow. Police are still investigating.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,