Georgia voters react to potential of first woman president

GEORGIA (WTOC) - How do local voters feel about the potential of the first woman as president?

Our Wendi Redman went from precinct to precinct Tuesday to find out; She says it's definitely a mixed bag.

Many say they were really excited to even see a woman on the ballot, while others say gender didn't cross their minds.

"It means a lot to me. It's a historic moment," shared Ruth Hutson, of Savannah. "It was cool to be able to put a woman's name to the president to even have the choice was awesome."

When asked if she cried, Hutson said it was a very emotional day at the polls. "Ya. I will when I talk about it. It's great."

Kristi Kiene is a Pooler resident. She said it's not about voting for a male or female, but for the direction of the country.

"I think you have to look at who's best qualified for the job. I think gender is not as big of an issue as the other issues that are on the table," said Kiene.

"Gender doesn't really seem to make that big of deal to me. I don't think it has much influence on how good of a job you can do," said Dave Smith, Savannah resident.

Smith believes whether or not we see our first woman as president during this election cycle, that it's only a matter of time.

"We will have a female president. If it's not this time, it'll be some time because there's just too many competent, smart, ambitious women for that not to happen," shared Smith.  "It's going to happen."

This election clearly means something different to everyone.

No matter what America decides Tuesday, Hillary Clinton already made history for women when she became the first female nominee of a major party for president.

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