School Yanks Yearbooks Due to Theme

They say "between the sheets" refers to the yearbook's pages.
They say "between the sheets" refers to the yearbook's pages.

Remember your high school yearbook? It's a way to keep those memories forever. But one senior class isn't getting its yearbook on time because of its theme: "between the sheets." We spoke with some Bryan County High seniors who say it's all one big misunderstanding.

"You only have two big throughout the school year," we overheard a student say. "Prom and yearbook."

This year, these seniors only have the prom. The yearbook is a sore subject.

"The theme is 'between the sheets,' and [school principal Kay Hughes] took it the wrong way and therefore we can't get our yearbooks," senior Heather Holcombe told us.

She and fellow senior Rachel Roberts don't understand what all the fuss is about. "Just today she seen it and she said no, and she took them away and said we couldn't have them," said Heather.

The girls say "between the sheets" wasn't meant to be provocative. Sheets refers to pages. They say past yearbooks have had themes which could have been taken out of context, but no issues were raised.

"A couple years ago we had a theme, 'light it up,'" said Heather. "That can be taken for different meaning too."

"I think it sucks," junior Kelly Haymans said. She says "between the sheets" didn't come across as sexual to her. "Not really, but I'm not like the person who would see anything wrong with that."

But school officials aren't saying anything. Prinicipal Hughes had no comment and superintendent Sally Brewer did not return out phone calls.

The girls say the yearbook has even won a national award from Walsworth Publishing Company. "I don't think the yearbook would win this national award if something was wrong, and win this really good award," said Heather.

In the meantime, students have started yearbook alternatives.

"A bunch of students got construction paper and stapled it together and labeled it 'substitute yearbook,'" Rachel said.

But it won't replace what many of them have paid for, had family members pay to put personal ads in, and pass around to remember friends.

"They should have though about a different way to go about this," said Heather. "We can't even enjoy our yearbook at the end of the year."

In case you're wondering where the "between the sheets" idea came from, the students say their high school years are a chapter in their lives and it refers to the pages as sheets of paper. The students graduate this Saturday. But they won't get their new yearbooks--with a new cover--until mid August.

Reported by: Don Logana,