'I Do's' canceled as Coastal Discovery Center remains closed

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - Hurricane Matthew still causing an impact in the Lowcountry after several golf courses are still closed and businesses are trying to get their doors back open. But the hurricane and also caused several people to have to put their "I do" on hold.

It might be hard to tell from the pile of trash but I am actually at the Coastal Discovery Museum. It has been closed since Hurricane Matthew, and with all this trash, will remain closed for the next several months.

The Coastal Discovery Museum sits on 70 acres of land and was started almost 20 years ago. But in order to lease the property, the museum had to agree to be a disaster site in case of a hurricane.  And that's exactly what happened. About 40 trucks come into this facility every hour dropping off trash and storm debris.

That's good news for the town that is quickly trying to clean up but bad news for the museum that doesn't have a clean space now to use.

"We do a lot of public programs but we fund those. We underwrite the cost of those through renting this facility out for weddings and other events. And so far since the hurricane has
hit we have refunded $44,000 worth of wedding deposits and other event cancellations. We're looking at having a loss of $100,000 this year just from those events," said Coastal Discovery Museum President Rex Garniewicz.

The Coastal Discovery Museum also suffered some damage. It had one a building that was written off as a total loss and another that had a tree crash right through it. The president says it could be another six months before they are back open up for business.

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