Liberty County voters approve 1-cent sales tax

LIBERTY CO., GA (WTOC) - Voters in Liberty County and its cities rejected a sales tax vote two years ago. County leaders say they worked harder this time to bring a message of why voters needed to pass this one.

Shoppers will see an extra penny of tax per dollar after voters passed a new local option sales tax. County leaders know now why the 2014 vote failed.

"Apathy, complacency, most folks thought it would pass on its own because it was a no-brainer," said County Commission Chair Donald Lovette.

This sales tax will help pay down debt on the county justice center, Hinesville City Hall and other projects all over the county.

"This was our most comprehensive SPLOST. Everybody's touched by what this does, all our municipalities, our local hospital, development authority. That gave us more buy-in," said Lovette.

He points to previous projects like the new public library as successes that take the tax burden off property owners.

"It also does our ambulances, fire trucks, police cars. All those things help keep those costs off our milage rates," said Lovette.

A new shopping center opening soon could bring even more shoppers from out of town to generate even more revenue.

They hope this extra penny of tax brings in about $54 million over the next six years.

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