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Daycare Repeatedly Burglarized

Who would steal from young children? That's what one Savannah daycare wants to know. Burglars have broken into Dutchtown Daycare Center on Dutchtown Road more than a half a dozen times.

Police have no leads yet, making it even more frustrating for both employees and parents. In the last six weeks, they've been broken into seven times already, and you won't believe what these thieves are stealing.

To mother Christy Payne, it's like stealing candy from a baby. "Sick" is how she put it.

Thanks to some cruel crooks, the children no longer have TVs, VCRs, video games, and you won't believe what else.

"Goldfish, snack food out of the refrigerator," reported owner Margian Ellington. "They took the piggy banks. They took all the phones but one."

They even took the school mascots, gerbils Dora and Jerry, leaving children only empty cages to remind them of their pets.

"Bad guys took them," one little boy told us. And a little girl wants authorities to "stick those people in jail."

"My daughter, who is four, goes here," said Payne. "She was very upset cause they took her hamster and VCR."

But the kids aren't the only ones upset. "They trashed everything in the whole classroom," said Ellington, who has run this daycare for more than 33 years.

She says this is the first time she's been afraid to come into work. "I open up at 6:30 every morning. I hate to come in here every morning cause someone might be here. I just don't know."

Parents say this is a nightmare for their children. "My child walks in, she's one of the first ones here and sees glass everywhere," Payne told us.

Ellington's message for the burglars? "Please stop, cause you're ruining lives of little children."

They have no idea who may be doing this, but are asking anyone with any information to call police.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,

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