15 New Trees on Warrior's Walk

The worst, ultimately inevitable, aspect of war is when soldiers give their lives for their country. For soldiers of the Third Infantry Division, a tree is planted in their memory at Fort Stewart along a path called Warrior's Walk. Today 15 more trees were planted.

This is obviously meaningful, but tough for their families. Ever since Warrior's Walk was started in 2003, it's been a place families can gather to remember the ones they love.

"I just knew it early that morning," said widow Kira Lopez. "I just had a feeling that something wasn't right."

That's when Lopez found out she and her five-month-old daughter would now have to go on without the man who completed their family."I was pulled out of my classes and brought back to my house and told," Lopez recalled.

For the soldiers who fought side by side on the battlefield, moving on without the person they trusted their lives with is difficult to face.

"It's something we can't help, we can't fight the blind enemy," said Staff Sgt. Miguel Antia. "If these guys would fight face to face, it would be a very fair fight."

The first trees were planted in this memorial in 2003 when Operation Iraqi Freedom was first underway. Two years later, Warrior's Walk is now lined with 84 trees.

They know they can never bring back the people they love, but the memories of these Third Infantry Division soldiers will always be left in this special place where these warriors use to walk.

"It will always be here and it always be something that we can come back and see and that's really important because this was our home," said Lopez.

Fort Stewart will hold a memorial service at Warrior's Walk every month until the Third Infantry Division comes home.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com