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Dental Implants Can Improve Living

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Do you struggle eating your favorite foods? Do you hate the hassle of your dentures?

Here are some benefits to consider about dental implants:

  • Dental implants give a strong and stable life expectancy of the surrounding teeth
  • With implants, your upper palate is not covered (as it is with dentures), and your ability to taste and feel food is increased.
  • Normal bite function is restored, and patients can bite harder without discomfort
  • Implants can still be removed and / or fixed.
  • Metal claps associated with partials are not needed with dental implants.

If you want dentures without the worry and hassle of putting them in and taking them out, then consider an implant-supported denture. This treatment is less invasive, and the result is much closer to the natural feeling of a new set of teeth than a removable denture.

Let dental implants improve your living and call Midway Family Dental today at (912)-880-2288 or visit their website:

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